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DeViz Project Defect Visualisation

Working with the University of Plymouth, Matthew Fox is working as a researcher on the Creds funded DeViz project. This project aims to explore the potential for thermal imaging to be used to help improve the quality of buildings under construction.

At present, site supervisors conduct standard visual methods of defect detection during a building project. Whilst this method might detect many visually obvious defects, there are some that might be hidden or manifest shortly after construction (such as slumping insulation). If these defects relate to the thermal fabric of the building, there could be problems with the thermal continuity once the building is complete. Furthermore, the rectification of these defects becomes harder and more costly to the contractor once the building is occupied. 

The DeViz project has proposed the use of thermal imaging by construction site supervisors / construction managers mid-construction. The intention is that the thermal camera becomes an added tool in detecting hidden defects, which can more easily be rectified while the contractor is still on site.

The DeViz project is investigating the improvement in building quality from this relatively simple intervention. While it is not expected that all construction sites will make use of thermal imaging mid-construction. It is hoped that contractors will build a memory of possible defects, so that when they are building using the same materials and or details, they might “remember” how it could go wrong, and actively improve their construction methods. Thereby lowering the incidence of construction defects.

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